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National Faith & Work Association


To build, nurture, and sustain a broad, inclusive network of Christian ministries, churches, organizations, companies, and individuals in the US dedicated to impacting the workplace and marketplace to the glory of God.

Benefits of Membership

  • Greater connectivity with peers in the Faith & Work movement 
  • Greater connectivity with peers in cities
  • Promotion of groups/events and awareness of other groups/events
  • Invitation to an annual Faith & Work leaders gathering
  • Opportunity to provide greater awareness of the Faith & Work movement to more people
  • Opportunity to work together to see God impact more whole lives through collective work for His glory

How to Join

To join, please click here.

Activities of the NFWA

While the primary objective of this network is seeing the sum of organizations and their members in the workplace/marketplace grow in number and influence as winsome followers of Jesus, there are specific projects/collaborations that may be worthy activities toward this end, including to:

  • Develop an association website with items such as a directory of members, calendar, resources, etc
  • Help cultivate collaboration among leaders in the Faith & Work field, including an annual gathering of leaders
  • Support and promote a Faith and Work Summit intended for both the national leaders and other interested parties as a larger event that meets less often than the annual gathering of leaders
  • Develop, discover, and support city networks and other local/regional Faith & Work networks
  • Encourage increased collaborative prayer among Faith & Work leaders
  • Stimulate, steward, and create awareness of active and potential initiatives/collaborations (such as research/shared learning about the culture and context in which we are ministering)
  • Relate to groups/networks outside the immediate Faith & Work space
  • Relate to global Faith & Work networks (serving as a US representative network where appropriate)


This association brings together Christian leaders and organizations with an emphasis on Faith & Work, including:

  • Marketplace/workplace ministry organizations, centers, programs, and publications
  • Churches and church associations
  • Seminary and Bible school programs
  • Business schools and other college and university centers and programs
  • Professional groups in government, medicine, law, accounting, journalism, arts, entertainment, etc.
  • Entrepreneurship & job placement programs
  • Campus/next gen/millennial ministries
  • K-12 education and youth ministries
  • Foundations
  • For-profit business, from small to large, who are catalytic to the faith & work movement
  • City transformation ministries and networks
  • Globally focused ministries and networks

Statement of Faith

Nicene Creed and Lausanne Covenant

Steering Committee

Trey Dimsdale (Acton Institute), Bill Hendricks (Dallas Theological Seminary and Theology of Work Project), Doug Hunter (Charleston Southern University), Matt Rusten (Made to Flourish), Lee Truax (Christian Business Men's Connection), Mark Washington (InverVarsity MBA Ministry), Eric Welch (Institute for Faith, Work & Economics), Jerry White (The Navigators and Lausanne)